“The Closed Door” Poem:

I feel like i’m in a shadow, like i can’t get out the place in a corner where i lay. I have bruises that wont fade away; i have pain, anger, loss, uncertainty in me. I feared where i lived, my home, my father. Bruises fade father but the pain remains the same. I’m so scared of him, I’ve been scared of you my whole entire life. I’m scared of what you might do next, i remember when your fist put mom in her place, how i would be up in my room, crying myself to sleep. I remember when dean called the cops on you. I’m in a closed door. It’s not easy to forget, all the pain you put us in, all the anger you gave me against you. I have bruises all over, emotional and physical bruises you put everybody in. I’m in a corner in a place where i lay, crying, scared, miserable, suicidal, and where i sleep. I’m in a closed door.

“Hear Me” Poem:

Can anyone hear me? I’m screaming so loud. Is anyone there? I’m so lost, lost in my mind. Can anyone hear me? I’m scared to let people in, that i might get hurt again. People think they know whats right for me, they don’t. Is anyone there? I need to be free. I need to experience things for myself. I can’t tell people everything about me, they want to know but i can’t tell them. Can anyone hear me?

“Untitled” Poem:

Crying, scared, what do I do? Can’t stop and can’t get up. Why? Why is this happening to me? What’s wrong with me? Been crying all night. Up all night, thinking, wondering, staring. Falling deep… Falling deeper into this thing, Depression is taking over.


Note: These poems I had written during my high school & college years that I decided to post on here. There are more but none that have been written recently nor within the past couple of years.

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