TRL is making a comeback

TRL Logo

   In some very unexpected news, Total Request Live or TRL as we all came to know it as is making a big comeback later this year on MTV. The music countdown show hasn’t been on since 2008 when the show was canceled by the network and Viacom.

According to the New York Times,  newish president of MTV; Chris McCarthy has released news for the music countdown show to make a return to airwaves in October.

The network is currently underway to completely re-do the Times Square studios, as well as bring on five new co-hosts for the rebranding of the show. According to the NYT, the show will be running about an hour with potential to expand. McCarthy has hopes to capture some of the old magic in a newly redone studio.

Ratings at the network began to take a nosedive about five years ago, one way to revamp the channel thought McCarthy was to bring back TRL. The one show that made MTV stand out during the late 1990s’ to the 2000s had helped launch the careers of Nsync, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera as well as Eminem and Blink-182.

Original co-host Carson Daly will not be returning but instead, they will be having fresh new faces as co-hosts.

Look forward to TRL’s comeback sometime this fall on MTV.


More than Book Reviews?

Hey Guys!

I was thinking of doing more than just book reviews on here, just to try out writing about other things since I do primarily want to make a career of music reviewing and be more part of that industry. I’m thinking of still continuing the book reviews and book promo blitz that I choose to sign up for BUT I want to review more shows, artists, concerts, maybe lifestyle such as vegan foods. To be a better writer I wanted to try out other things than just book blogging even though I do love it. I will be figuring out how to change up my blog a lot but will probably keeping the name of it the same since I just love it too much.

Thanks for hearing me out!



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