#IKeptLiving for Suicide Prevention Week

I know this post is a few weeks late but sorry! Had some writers block for a few days. Here is my #IKeptLiving post.

#IKeptLiving for my voice to be heard.

#IKeptLiving for my family and my friends.

#IKeptLiving for my writing and music to save my life.
#IKeptLiving because my mom literally came in and grabbed me out of my room when I was at the worst, sat me next to her on the couch to watch a movie.

#IKeptLiving for myself.

Today happens to be World Suicide Prevention Day which I can say I am alive. I am happy as much as I can be. I have my family and my friends who love and support me.

It’s been fourteen years since I started cutting myself and four an a half years since I stopped. I am a work in progress, always getting better.

I have moments where the black clouds never seem to move, where the darkness takes over. My hope through it all is there until I grab hold of it, to remind myself I am greater than the dark clouds.

I hope to one day feel alive and that my writing will be at the point where I can make a living with it, to be in love with my life.

I hope to still be in love with still with music, for that it had saved me more times than I can count.

I hope to finally be content with myself and where I am.


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