Ryan Adams & The Shining – 7/19


Charlottesville, Virginia had the pleasure to welcome Ryan Adams & The Shining with Margo Price last night, July 19th to the Sprint Pavilion for a night of alt-country and americana tunes. The show started off with a bang, Margo Price, a Nashville-based country artist who is on tour supporting her critically acclaimed debut album “Midwest Farmer’s Daughter” started off the evening with “About To Find Out“. Price, who’s music is definitely a welcome to traditional country fans put on a killer set with an amazing heavy guitar driven solo.


Ryan Adams & The Shining, started off their set with “Trouble“, “Gimme Something Good” and “New York, New York“. Adams, who is considered an alt-country, americana troubadour has a way with his music, makes those in attendance become entranced by the music and his lyrics. From the moment he walked onstage the crowd was on their feet throughout the evening. During the middle of Ryan’s set, he improved two songs, one being a happy birthday to a crew member and another song about a band members parent which was hilarious in it’s own right. The rest of the night was met with laughs from the crowd and shouts of songs fans wanted to hear.

Towards the end of the evening, Margo Price joined Adams’ onstage for a duet of “A Kiss Before I Go” which is a cover of his former band Ryan Adams and the Cardinals as well as a duet of “Oh My, Sweet Carolina” to a pin drop quiet audience.

The much loved encore was met with “When the Summer Ends“, “Everybody Knows” (which is a favorite!!!) and “Come Pick Me Up” (is my favorite!).

As a fan of Ryan Adams, It was the first show of his I’d ever been to and it was an amazing one at that. I will be seeing him live again in the future, definitely worth it! His music is heartbreaking, melancholic and inspiring. You could hear the passion with how he played his guitar along with the words. I advise you to check out Ryan Adams vast catalog of albums along with the debut album of Margo Price, won’t regret it.


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