Review! Jamie Lynn Spears “Sleepover”


Last week I recently downloaded this new single by Jamie Lynn Spears, an up and coming singer/songwriter in the country music industry. This will be her new single since she released her first EP, “The Journey” back in 2014. 

The single Sleepover is a pop infused country song about a young woman who is in the early parts of a relationship while wanting to take her time and earn the trust. The lyrics are mature yet flirty and confident, this song shows Jamie Lynn’s young softer side considering at only 25 years old she is a mother.

The words, “I think love should take it slow, It’s good that they have somewhere to go” show a softer, vulnerable side to Spears’ that we just started seeing or i should say hear in her last EP single, How Could I Want More. 

She may be the younger sister of Britney Spears but this young woman is paving her way in the country scene. You can find songwriting credits of hers from the top 10 hit song “I Got The Boy” by Jana Kramer.

Be sure to check out Jamie Lynn Spears’ new documentary, Jamie Lynn Spears: When The Lights Go Out on TLC. I personally can not wait to hear more of her music in the future!

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