What Happened to Music? – Rant

Where to start, being a fan of alternative/pop punk music since I was eleven years old starting off as a fan of No Doubt, Blink-182 and Green Day. As I got older I started becoming a fan of The Clash and The Cure, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Evanescence, AFI, A Day To Remember, and many other amazing bands of the genre and sub genre. Since the mid to late 2000s’ music in general took a turn sounding more generic and modern. Most major rock bands started sounding similar and whatever creativity and originally just vanished.

The change in music also has to do with the industry in itself, many labels and the business behind it want these artists and alternative bands to sound similar so they can sell out venues and make big money to be “radio friendly”. Look at bands like Paramore and Fall Out Boy. Yes most music does evolve and the alt rock/pop punk scene have evolved very much over the years where certain bands don’t sound the same as they did in the beginning when they were trying to make it.

I recently bought an EP (extended play) by Hawthorne Heights, “Hurt” EP , it’s a good listen but sounds like every other band in the post-punk/emo genre. Very modern and less original. The question is are bands more worried about keep their record contract or making money than making great records and music that matters, music that fans want to listen to and relate to when they need it.


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