AP Spring Tour ’11 – Review (OLD)



Perfect melodies, haunting vocals and pounding guitar riffs and loud enough bass to make your chest pound. These are the sounds that came from Toad’s Place Thursday, April 14th from The Alternative Press Spring Tour 2011. Considering the show was all ages, many kids along with adults were in attendance to witness acts like Conditions, VersaEmerge, I See Stars, D.R.U.G.S. and Black Veil Brides. Toad’s Place being the ideal venue to host such an event that had played host to many of the world’s best acts ever from past decades, Conditions was the first to go on at six p.m. Starting their set with “Natural Competition” to get the crowd going since this is an up and coming band, going straight into their next song “Make Them Remember & When It Won’t Save You” which are about finding your way and trying to make a name for yourself so you won’t be forgotten.

They ended their set with their single “Better Life” which is about making mistakes and trying to learn and better yourself. Ashley Valentin, a student at Southern was in attendance, “Well it was different from the music I like but the show was live and intense. The performers were loud and outgoing which got me into some of the songs. But overall it was an interesting experience that I will never forget”.

VersaVulture’s is what this band calls their fans. VersaEmerge was the next band up and pumped everyone up for the first song of their set which was “Moments Between Sleep” and ended their set with the title track of their debut album “Fixed at Zero” for all the vultures there that night. They played their current single “Figure It Out” with all the electronic ambiance and vocals set with the guitar and bass says it all. The crowd was jumping along with the lead singer Sierra Kusterbeck, guitarist Blake Harnage and bassists Devin Ingelido the whole time they were playing, this Florida native band is just making a name for them and is going to have an amazing career in the industry with all the fans that had shown up that night. Their music makes you feel like you’re being lost in the moment of each lyric and sound.

VersaEmerge made the crowd pumped up and energetic for the third act I See Stars which had made some new fans that night to their post-hardcore mixed with pop-punk music intertwined with electronic beats all rolled up into one. The crowds full of teens to adults were pumped up for I See Stars which were surprisingly amazing to watch live with their pop punk lyrics and hardcore unclean vocals with light shows mixed in were a sight to see. The crowd surfers could have been much better if someone didn’t get dropped and the mosh pit was hilarious to watch due to the fact it was a bunch of kids and some college students but it was a small venue to have one.

The two other remaining bands D.R.U.G.S (Destroy Rebuild until God Shows) and Black Veil Brides were the last two bands to perform that night, many of the kids in attendance were there to see them.

The parents of most of the attendees were in the back or at the bar so they wouldn’t go deaf as a result of all the loud vocals, guitars and drums. Each band that night brought out their best that night and it showed.


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