More than Book Reviews?

Hey Guys!

I was thinking of doing more than just book reviews on here, just to try out writing about other things since I do primarily want to make a career of music reviewing and be more part of that industry. I’m thinking of still continuing the book reviews and book promo blitz that I choose to sign up for BUT I want to review more shows, artists, concerts, maybe lifestyle such as vegan foods. To be a better writer I wanted to try out other things than just book blogging even though I do love it. I will be figuring out how to change up my blog a lot but will probably keeping the name of it the same since I just love it too much.

Thanks for hearing me out!



Four years this April will be the anniversary since losing my father suddenly to brain cancer and would have been his 65th birthday. You would think four years is a long enough time to process and learn to deal with losing a parent you were close with despite having a rocky relationship with, but the truth is the grieving doesn’t fully go away. Read More »